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Reflections on the Writing Process

As I near the completion of my new novel, The Revenger, I’m thinking ahead to the polishing and refining process which makes me aware of some glitches encountered in writing a full-length book. I thought it might be interesting to share some of my thoughts with you. First the easy one. Sometimes in a book […]

Sneak Peek at My New Book

You’ve been patient as my 7th Dan Stone thriller comes together. I’m getting close. The book should be out this fall. To thank you for your patience, I’m attaching a link to the first chapter of the book. I hope you enjoy it. A bombing occurs almost simultaneously in DC and Jerusalem, indicating a high […]

Special Kindle Sale!

Kindle decided they like my book, “Scorpion,” enough to promote it. They are going to reduce the price on June 8. “Scorpion” will be available for only $1.99 USD. For you Canadian readers, it will also be only $1.99 Canadian! That’s quite a savings for my northern readers. I’m not sure how long the sale […]

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